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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Registry Items for the Kitchen

I was helping my friend add some items to her wedding registry and I thought I would share some great ideas/items to help save you money in the future in the KITCHEN.

Crockpot with a timer- Need I say more. This will help prepare meals all day

Toaster Oven- Great item to have on the counter- I use mine at least once a week

Rice cooker- We use ours ALOT- love to cook rice and then add my meat from the crockpot

Cookie sheets, cake pans and muffin tins- Making desserts are cheaper then buying them packaged. And how much fun is it to bake cookies =)

Pizza stone-Pizza nights make cheap date nights and to cut the pizza- the stone will come in handy for YEARS

Small kitchen tools: pizza cutter, meat tenderizer, peeler, etc. -Don't forget all the tools

Knives- A great set of knives will last you FOREVER.

Any other ideas- please share..Enjoy!

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