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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wedding Dates

Want to know the best ways to save money when picking your wedding date?

Plan your wedding in off-peak times- this can save you 20-30%. Discuss with your favorite venue and they will give you date options and you will see the savings add up. My friend saved over $2000 by having her wedding 1 weekend later than they were thinking. Wait til June in Florida and you can get a better deal.

Also, choose any day other then Saturday and you will see the savings as well.  Check out Friday night and Sunday rates. I have seen more Sunday mid afternoon weddings lately- might be a new trend for cost savings and then the wedding does not run all through the night either. This will give your guest the ability to go to work on Monday.

Happy Wedding Planning..Enjoy!


  1. we got married on a Friday night and saved over $2000 just on the venus. Then the florist and DJ gave us a break as well.

    Franandjames at yahoo dot com

  2. we did a small wedding on a sunday and saved a lot- cut down guests and picked an off day. Still beautiful on the beach in florida.