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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bridal Shows

Have you been to a Bridal Expo?

Well, I have been to MANY and in all different locations. Here are some tips to make the best of Bridal Shows.

1- Bring your own name tags. Ok, so each vendor has a giveaway box and you drop your "card" in each for a chance to win a prize. If you don't bring your own name tags "cards", then you need to fill out an entry at each and this is VERY time consuming. Just print your name, address, email, wedding date and print at least 50 labels to bring with you.

2- Don't get there EARLY, but stay til the END. The best giveaways are usually at the end of the SHOW and if you get there early you have to deal with the long lines to enter.

3- Only talk with the vendors that you need to. Don't waste your time. If you already booked your band, Don't stop at the DJ and Band vendor booths. They will take your info and start sending you tons of mail(mostly emails) with specials. Wasting their time and yours.

4- Get GOODIES. Yup, you will leave with TONS of goodies. Usually Pens, mugs, candy, bridal magazines, etc. The best I have got was Cuisinart measuring spoons, picture frames, tote bags and even nail polish!! Take, Take, Take- I love goodies and they are FREE.

5- Have Fun. There will usually be cake, candy and other desserts for you to try. Even Liquor!!

More on Bridal Shows and how to score FREE tickets later in the week..Enjoy!

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  1. I love bridal shows. I went to one we had in town and we actually won a free honeymoon in Barbados. Sadly it didn't include air fare and we weren't able to afford it. Still disappointed that we weren't able to use it.