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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Weddings

Did you know that a large portion of engagements and weddings take place around the holidays. So are you joining the crowd?

A Thanksgiving weekend wedding has its ups and downs. First off, many of your friends and family will be in town(if you are getting married in your home areas) and it would be a great time for everyone to get together. Also, people won't have to take extra time off from work. The downside is this time of year is really hectic and expensive for your guests coming in town. Airfare, hotels, restaurants and wedding venues are more pricier as well.

If you have an Autumn wedding- pick colors like browns, oranges and reds. You can use colored leaves as decorations and I have even seen the leaves serve as place cards(hanging from a tree).

If you get married on Thanksgiving, then turkey it is.If it is any other day, I would stick with chicken/steak. Everyone gets sick of too much turkey!

Dessert- Pumpkin pie is a must.

Are you planning a Thanksgiving wedding or attending one this weekend? We would love to hear about it..Enjoy!

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  1. I am going to a wedding Saturday night of a close friend. I think it is a great time of year and I was happy since I was already coming to my hometown for Thanksgiving.