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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Movie Review: To Rent or Not to Rent

Guess what I picked up this week at the library...TOY STORY 3!!!

The gang is back...Tom Hanks is back as Woody and Tim Allen as
Buzz Lightyear. This movie is great, but in my opinion not suitable for little kids. My husband and I watched it just the two of us.

Toy Story 3 has more adventures for the gang as Andy is ready to head off to college and needs to decide if he is bringing any of his toys with him. The toys end up getting donated by accident and find themselves locked in a day care. Of course there are TONS of other toys, but they have their own "gangs" as well. The head master of the toys is Lotso, with Ken as his right hand man.

At first it looks like a great place for the toys to be played with, but the toys get a big surprise. Throughout the adventure there are really happy times and really sad times. Pixar created a great movie and shows in the end how important your imagination can be and to never forget your childhood memories.

Worth watching and you should be able to get it from you library and not have to wait too long as it has been out now for some time. We loved the movie, and cried too, but I am still having nightmares about Lotso- He is NOT CUTE!! =) ..Enjoy!

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