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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blockbuster Express: Free Codes

I am taking a few days off from the computer to spend with family that is staying with us. We'll be renting many movies this week, so I wanted to share some of the FREE movie codes we are using. Happy Movie watching and Happy Holidays to all!!

If you are looking to make it a movie night this week, Blockbuster has changed the way they offer free rental codes. There are still FREE codes, but now you need to text to get your FREE codes. These new codes are for $1 off ANY DVD rental (so you can get the $1 rental FREE or save $1 on a new release).

You now have 10 days from the time you text the keyword to use your code.

In order to receive your exclusive, one-time use codes, text any of keywords below to 39777.

  • ZOO
  • FAST
  • CHEF

Remember, you can use one code per transaction. Return your one night rental before 9pm the next day to avoid any additional fees. Then you can always pick up another one... Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. I may not be saving for a wedding, but I am saving for my tenth anniversary! My wife and I are planning a trip back to Hawaii where we honeymooned and it can definitely be a challenge cutting corners, especially with Christmas upon us. These codes help though, especially when its spending money on something not really essential, like renting movies. In fact though, one of the best deals I’ve found recently has been through Blockbuster. Once they were bought out by my employer and TV provider, DISH, the two teamed up to offer customers the Blockbuster Movie Pass. This gives you twenty extra movie channels, streaming, and in home delivery of DVD’s and video games, for only ten bucks. I was spending over thirty dollars a month for Netflix and Gamefly combined, so after canceling them I still get all the same services and I save twenty bucks, every month. Recommend for anyone planning a wedding, an anniversary trip, or people just looking for a way to trim their budget.