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Sunday, January 23, 2011

My $1 Deal

I am the girl who looses earring backs all the time. Luckily I don't lose my earrings, but the backs are always getting lost.

I was down to my last two backs out of ALL MY EARRINGS. Yes, I lost a lot of earring backs.

I decided to go to Claire's to see if they sell just earring backs. Of course they do, they sell 10 backs for $5.95. Now that is a lot of money for something I loose all the time!!

I started to think outside the box and noticed they had tons of clearance earrings- mostly holiday collection, but all the earrings come with backs. I found a pack of 3 pairs of earrings and each pair had two pairs of earring backs, except for one pair. The metal ones along with the plastic backs. So 3 pairs of earrings with 10 earring backs on clearance for $1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now all of you can see the deal in this one. What a BARGAIN and the earrings I can wear next holiday season. If you need some new earring backs or just want some cute holiday earrings for next year- head into Claire's for a great deal..Enjoy!

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