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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Now pronouce you....

After you are walking out from your ceremony, traditionally your guests throw "stuff" at you.


The new trend is sparklers. You can give each guest sparklers as they are walking out of the ceremony or even at the end of the night to celebrate your new lives together

I haven't been to any wedding where they release balloons, but I have heard great stories. You can buy balloons in your wedding colors and release them all at once. What a pretty picture that would be...

Rice. Tradition.

Bubbles, These make great party favors as well and then your guest blow bubbles as you are leaving the ceremony. So pretty and hurts less than rice.

And finally releasing butterflies. I have attended weddings where the bride and groom release butterflies and I have also seen where the family release as well. It symbolizes coming one together.

So now that I got you all thinking. Are you having anything thrown at you on your wedding day??



  1. Nice article. Love the sparklers.

  2. We went traditional and had our guest throw rice. just a soft throw and it was beutiful. we have been married 15 years, so not sure if people still use rice. I like the butterfly release idea.