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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


As you know I love getting FREE Items. The more I save on essentials, the more I can spend on other items.

This week at CVS, you can purchase Complete Contact Solution for $8.99 and get back $8.99 in Extra Care Bucks. The Extra Care Bucks that print out on your receipt can be used to purchase any item in store, and they don't expire for a month! Well, the contact solution also comes with a FREE case. So FREE solution plus a FREE contact case. Those contact cases get expensive!!! I went to my local CVS tonight and the shelves were already cleared of the single bottle Complete Contact Solution. Well, next to the FREE tag, there was a BONUS size box of Complete Contact Solution ( It says: Buy One Get One FREE, all wrapped as one package)

I thought possibly since it should be the same price as the single bottles, I should try to see if it will work at the register. GUESS WHAT: It did, it rang up $8.99- FOR TWO FULL BOTTLES AND TWO CONTACT CASES. SCORE!!!! Even the cashier was impressed with my deal. On top of the BEST DEAL for contact solution, I had a $1 off coupon from this past Sunday's paper, making it $7.99 and get back $8.99 in Extra Care Bucks. If you are a contact wearer, I suggest checking your local store for the double packs. Happy Shopping..Enjoy!


  1. great deal. I will be looking at my store tomorrow. I have ecb that I need to roll.

    lisabchi at gmail dot com

  2. I scored this deal today. Thank you so much for sharing. You saved me from paying full price.

    tiffring23 at yahoo dot com