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Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have discussed in the past how much I love my local library. Well I picked up 4 great movies today:
Burn Notice Season 2
Fired Up
I love you Man
17 Again
These are all very new releases. How did I get them so fast? Well, our library has a website where you can put books and movies on hold, even before they are out.
Once a movie leaves theatres ,it usually is a few months before it comes out on DVD. I go on my library site a week or two after it leaves theatres and place a hold. I do a search for movies in "2009".
I can't wait to watch them all. My library gives me 5 days per movie, but 14 days for series. It will be a busy weekend for me..haha..Enjoy!


  1. great movies!! You are going to have a fun weekend. I love Burn Notice

  2. Did you get through them all. I just put some in on hold at my local library. I am so happy I found this on your blog.