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Sunday, September 6, 2009

I love KMART and here is why...

Let me first start off by letting you know I had the most AMAZING day yesterday.

As you know, Kmart had double coupons once again yesterday. My husband was not interested in taking me over there as it is not a close drive(read about my last trip here). I convinced him we would be in that area in the morning and can stop in( I said I would be quick). So we did our other errands in the morning and then got to Kmart around 12:45pm. We started doing some shopping,but most of the good stuff( the items that would be FREE) were gone. Then over the loud speaker the manager says" Blue light special: ALL Patio furniture 90% off for 1 hour Only". We heard this and my husband was interested to see what they had. So I continues shopping and he headed over to the garden center. He called my cell a minute later and said "You need to come over here NOW- there are some great sets". There were two FULL Sets as well as tons of other Patio Pieces.I rushed over( as well as a few other couples in the store). We were the third in line to speak with the manager on picking what set we wanted. OK 90% OFF- YES, 90% OFF the original price. We ended up with the Martha Stewart Costa Mesa Patio Set.

We were able to buy 6 chairs, the table and umbrella. We also bought two matching lounge chairs and two end tables. Now, I was not planning to spend a lot on Patio Furniture, but 90% off. Once we figured out what 90% off came out to- WE WERE SHOCKED. The table was originally $179.99, now I did the math in my head and was like "NO WAY THIS TABLE IS ONLY $17.99". The manager could not even believe it as we were ringing up.

There were 3 other families that got the same deal as us. One of the other families said they read about the 90% off deal and that's what brought them over. We had no idea, that is what makes this deal even better. My husband is not a Kmart lover, but I think I changed his mind =)

Our Total was $85 for EVERYTHING. This is a BRAND NEW set, if you look on-line, The 6 chairs are on sale alone for $126. I think we got the deal of the MONTH. Right place, Right time. This "blue-light" special was only for an HOUR, so we definitely got very lucky.

P.S.- I did get to finish my double coupon shopping, but only bought about 10 items!

Then of course last night ended with a BIG GATOR FOOTBALL WIN.

I hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC LONG WEEKEND, I know I sure am. Enjoy!


  1. That sounds like the deal of the YEAR- You did AMAZING. I wish I had a Kmart close by. It would be worth the hour drive if I found that deal.

  2. awesome-we need patio furniture desperately- what a score.

  3. what a steal- I need to look into these "blue light specials"! Do they post info on their website?

  4. That set is great and the umbrella is very useful. We didnt buy one with our set and we regret it now. Good for you and your husband, what a nice deal.