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Monday, September 14, 2009


Last week I showed you how to get all the latest Movies for FREE. Well I finally watched all my movies and have to return them tomorrow - except Burn Notice Season 2(I get it for 2 weeks).

Fired Up- very cute, I enjoyed very much and I love the girl from the new 90210!

I love you, Man- I actually did not think this movie was as good as I expected. My husband enjoyed it more than me, but I am happy we didn't pay full price to see this in theatres .

17 Again- LOVED IT!!! I like Zac, but never realized he actually was a good actor. And who doesn't love Matthew Perry as well. The movie had a great story line and reminded me about all my high school days. My favorite pick!

Burn Notice- Gets better and better every episode- Michael Weston is HOT and I love yogurt as much as him.



  1. I agree with I love you, Man! Not my favorite either. Too hyped up!

  2. I just ordered a ton of movies from my local library online. Saves me trip and now I get what I want. I am super excited!

  3. I haven't seen any other bloggers who do movie reviews... this could turn out to be a big service for your followers!