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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday's Wedding Tip #16

Did you miss last week's wedding tip- check it out here!!

Wedding Tip # 16: Make sure you and your soon to be Husband discuss the cake cutting prior to the wedding. As most brides DO NOT want to mess up their make-up with cake. We feed each other cake nicely and it looked great in pictures. My husband knew if he got ANY cake on me he would not be having a very nice wedding night...so make sure you have the talk before hand, as guys do not think like us ladies.

Speaking of cake..I am off to get my FREE Ice Cream at Carvel, then Cold Stone Creamery....

P.S.- I still have our top layer of cake from our wedding in our FREEZER for our 1 year anniversary. I just love wedding traditions. Enjoy!


  1. We ate our cake on our anniversary and it didnt taste that bad..Off to get my FREE ice cream!

  2. Cake pictures are great..we have a great one of us on our wedding day hanging in our family room. O the memories =)