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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday's Wedding Tip #14

It just won't be a good Thursday without your wedding tip of the day.

Wedding Tip #14- Gifts for your wedding party. Weddings cost a lot, and the more people in your wedding party, the more expensive it is. I'm not really sure where the tradition of gifts for your wedding party started, but it is a nice gesture.

For your girls- make them gifts that are personal and that they can use again. You can make them picture frames and paint it in your wedding colors. Then you can give each a wedding picture of the bride and all the maids after the big day. They will have this frame forever and will always remember your special day.

For your guys- I have had friends that bought all their groomsmen ties. You can go to a store like TJ Maxx and find discounted ties(it might be hard to find more than 3 or 4 that match, so check around town at all the TJ Maxx's. ). Another idea, that is a little pricey if you have a big wedding party- engraved cufflinks .

For the little ones in your wedding- Check out the cute picture frames for kids from: magic pumpkin art. Also, there are great teddy bears from The Rosemary Company.

And don't forget about your wonderful parents: Check out the great Handkerchief's from Molly and Mom.

Keep your gifts simple, because your wedding party really adds up before you know it. Enjoy!


  1. Yea, you dont realize how many gifts you need until your start buying them.

  2. Yea- my guys gifts were moe expensive then my girls. I got my guys pilsner glasses with their initials. Girls- I made totes that said " MOH" Bridesmaid"!!

    Great tips

  3. These are nice ideas. I know someone who is getting married soon and she's been planning out her gifts...it really can get expensive and some people just don't have the means to be too fancy, but I think personal and/or creative are nicer sometimes.