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Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday's Healthy Eating and Exercise Tips-Week 3

Healthy Exercise Tip, week 3:

Save your money and work out at home instead of purchasing a gym membership. Make it fun with a circuit workout around your home. If you have stairs in your home, do a workout walking up and down 10 times and keep increasing it. I usually talk on the phone while I walk up and down, the time passes quickly and I like to multi-task. Do a few sit-ups and crunches for good measure. Keep adding different circuits to make it challenging.

*Bonus Tip- Request a FREE "test-drive" at your local gym or take advantage of a FREE week pass. This will get you motivated and seeing what other workouts are out there for you to try at home. You can even look for a resale of gym equipment in your local city if you feel more motivated by the equipment* Enjoy!

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