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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Wedding Tip # 42

Did I hit the Jackpot yesterday for wedding colors- Take a look:

Wedding Tip # 42- Have fun picking your wedding colors. I was in Walmart and noticed there WONDERFUL collection of flip flops in EVERY COLOR. If you can't decide on your wedding colors- stop by this rack at Walmart to see them all. Flip Flops come in VERY handy for weddings. They are great to wear under your dress during your reception, they make great bridal party gifts as well as great guest favors(especially for beach weddings). You can easily buy some stones, etc to dress up the sandals. They are $2/pair.

I went ahead and bought myself an orange and blue pair for next football season (GO GATORS)..Enjoy!


  1. I keep forgetting you're a Gator fan!!! Going to O&B this weekend? I'll be there!!

    Love this tip, I'm thinking of buying a few for the wedding too :) (In orange and blue... naturally!)

  2. no O&B for me this year. wish Tebow would come back. Good luck planning your wedding.

  3. what a wonderful stock of colors. I will have to check my local walmart. Thanks for the heads up

  4. I like the pastel colors- those are my wedding colors. I will be making a basket in the womens bathroom with flip flops so if anyone needs to change shoes they are available. So glad I found your blog.

  5. Great find!! My wedding colors are tiffany blue and pink.