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Monday, July 6, 2009

Bachelorette Tonight!!

See more pics here!

I am very excited for the Bachelorette tonight. There are 4 guys left:

Wes ( not that I want to even count him).

I was going for Kyptin, then Ed, then Reid and now I hope since Ed came back he gets the final rose. I hope Wes goes home tonight. I would love to hear from my Bachelorette fans out there. Who do you think will win? Enjoy the show.


  1. I hope Wes goes home too. I love Ed- I hope they brought him back for a reason. My favorite was Jake, but now that hes gone and Ed's Back. Can't ait to see what happens tonight!

  2. I hope Reid wins- he is great. I will be glued to my tv tonight too

  3. I think it will be Reid vs. Ed in the end. They are very similar. Have fun watching.

  4. Happy Wes went home. I am going for Reid.