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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weddings Over..What's Next?

Now that my wedding is over...the next step is to buy a Home.

My husband and I live in an apartment now, but with all the first time home buyer deals out now, we need to act fast. If you don't know about the $8,000 first time homebuyer credit- get all the details here.

I found a great article on CNNMoney.com about buying a new home. Read the whole article here.

Here are a few tips I agree with:
-BUY a home you can AFFORD. Once you really sit down with the numbers, it is a real reality check about how much home you can afford. We are just starting out and don't want to be mortgage poor.

-Check your credit score and make sure to not make any big changes the months before you apply for a mortgage. Don't apply for new credit cards and don't cancel any cards.

-Make sure you buy in a good school district. We do not have children yet, but now a days you might need to live in your home for at least 5-7 years to make any money on your on investment. You need to check out all the schools in your area.

I would love to hear you opinions on home buying. Enjoy!


  1. Wow- seems like you are heading in the right direction. It is scary buying your first home, but very exciting too. G.ood luck

  2. Great article. We are looking for a home too. I am big on location due to our kids. The schools are so important and I dont think everyone always looks for that. Location, location, location.

  3. The $8000 helps too and make sure you check because there are other tax credits too with buying a home.Great move.