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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Wedding Tip #39

This week's wedding tip is on narrowing down you wedding cake search. Here are a bunch of cakes from weddingchannel.com. All of them have different features that you will love and you don't even know the flavor yet.

The best thing to do is decide on your style. Then bring your ideas to your local bakery or cake maker. The Country Club I got married at had their own bakery staff and they used all my ideas to make my dream cake. Most cake makers will love a challenge. I heard from my bakery that they like new designs. They don't want to make the same cake every week. Be creative.

Now that you are all starving, go out for a nice dessert treat with your fiancee tonight and talk CAKE!!

If you missed last week's wedding tip on honeymoon locations, check it out here..Enjoy!


  1. I like cakes that are round, then square, then round!

  2. these are making me very hungry. I like the bow.

  3. I like cakes with tons of icing flowers and with the B/G initials.