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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Movies- To Rent or Not to Rent

Another blogger,Toni, commented a few weeks back on how she loved "Did you hear About the Morgans", so of course I had it on my library list.

My husband and I finally made time this week to watch it. For starters I like Hugh Grant and SJP, so I was looking forward to seeing the chemistry between them. The movie starts of in NYC, with the couple having some marriage issues. They get relocated to a small town in Wyoming as part of the witness protection program. There are a handful of funny scenes, but I thought the movie was a little drawn out. I didn't see the chemistry between HG and SJP. There are too many other great movies out there to rent in my opinion- I'm out on this one...Enjoy!


  1. I agree. We rented "It's complicated" last night. I recommend it. It was a good movie- a little long, but good.

  2. i just rented this movie. My kids actually watched it with us. we all enjoyed.