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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finding your wedding dress size

Are you in the wedding dress shopping faze? Many of my friends are now engaged and shopping all over for their perfect dress. A great reason to shop at the David's Bridals of the world is their stock. You will notice when you go into bridal boutique shops that they only carry a dress in a certain size. They will pin and clip you all up to show you how it will fit, and your Bridal Dress will be a custom order and you will not be able to try on your exact size until your dress arrives. Another issue is once your dress arrives, if you didn't give yourself enough time, and there is an issue with your dress, you don't have time to ship it back to the designer to get a new one.

You won't have these issues at David's Bridal, as they have many dress sizes in stock and since they have many locations- you can always find your size. They will still order you a BRAND NEW DRESS, but at least you will see exactly how it will fit(without all those extra clips). Happy Shopping...Enjoy!


  1. I'm thinking of going to Klinefelds. It seems like it will be the ultimate wedding gown shopping experience. I hope I'm not disappointed. I need to start shopping in a few months for my wedding next summer.

    Sarah Elyce
    sdenk6378 at comcast.net

  2. I got my dress at davids bridal too. They are very busy in there, but great prices and i liked the selection.