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Friday, July 2, 2010

Kmart Double Coupons on Health and Beauty 7/4-7/10

I am soooo excited. I just found out Kmart will be having Double Coupon Days again starting this Sunday. This time, you can only double manufacturer coupons on Health and Beauty Products. You do need a Shop Your Way Rewards card, but they are FREE and you can get it in store. Here is a list of all stores participating in the event. I just called my local store and the first guy I spoke with had no idea, then the next guy said "well if you saw it, then we will have it", finally another guy came on and said "yes, starting Sunday we will double on Health and Beauty Products only". I suggest you call your store and get confirmation as well...Enjoy!


  1. My kmart did not have a sign or even know what was going on. The coupons did double though, so at least that worked. I hate shopping at Kmart, but free is free.