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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Movie Review: To Rent or Not to Rent

Last week I started talking about Weeds, Season 5. I should have stopped there last week, as I did not enjoy this season. In the past, I would look forward to every episode, but not this season. The story line with Nancy Botwin pregnant with Esteban's baby. Really??? Come on, Esteban makes Nancy feel like a prisoner all season, and now her sons Shane and Silas take over the "family business" of dealing.

Her brother in law, Andy is still head over heals in love with Nancy, and gets his name on the baby's birth certificate, as Esteban does not want to ruin his reputation.

It looks like Season 6 will be about Celia, the new dealer in town. The season ends with Celia looking a lot like Nancy. Season 5 was a rough one for Weeds, but hopefully Season 6 won't disappoint. If you are a Weeds fan and have been keeping up with the seasons, then by all means watch it, but I will wait to see Season 6, then decide if I am still a fan.

Are there any other great shows out there which you would recommend watching starting at Season 1? It has been a long summer with no great new shows on. I am always looking to start another series...Enjoy!


  1. I havent seen Weeds yet, but I recommend "24" . if you havent seen it- AMAZING. Shows over now, but you can get them on DVD. it will keep you busy all summer.

  2. I like weeds,cant wait for season 6. I agree 5 was slow, but 6 is suppose to be really good. I like entourage too if you havent seen it.