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Monday, December 15, 2008

Make Me Over

Over the weekend, my fiance and I had our engagement photo shoot with our photographer. So of course, I wanted to have my makeup done. I have been needing to buy new makeup and found a great deal. At the mall, I set up an appointment at the MAC counter. I had a great girl who spent an hour teaching me how to put the makeup on properly and did a wonderful makeover. She showed me the proper foundation, eye shadows and brushes to use. She even wrote all the products down with a diagram on putting on eye shadow. All I had to spend was $50 on products. Here is what I ended up buying:
$38 for a holiday set of 6 eyeshadows. Each one is normally $14.
$12 for fake eyelashes- which looked great in photos
$14.50 for an eyeliner- Did not need to buy to get to $50- but really liked the color

All the counters at the mall usually do makeovers. Let me know about your experiences and what your favorite beauty counter at the mall is. Enjoy!

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