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Monday, December 22, 2008

My Kohl's trip

So I took a trip over to Kohl's to see what I could find. I had my $5 FREE coupon and my fiance had his. We walked around the store to see what they had. I found a 12 pack of wash cloths on sale for $4.99. They were originally $9.99 and now 50% off. So the wash clothes were FREE with my coupon. My fiance said he needed a cheese grater- so he found one that was $7.99 with 25% off, so the total was $5.99. After his coupon- the total OOP was $1.05. I was VERY happy with our trip. Have you checked out Kohl's in your area? Let me know what you find and remember to sign up for your FREE $5. Enjoy!!

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