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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Molly and Mom Handkerchief Review

Molly and Mom is a wonderful Etsy store that specializes in personalized handkerchiefs. They sent me a personalized handkerchief for my father for my wedding day. I was practically crying when I opened the box. It is stunning and I can't wait to see my father's face when I give it to him. Molly and Mom also creates monogrammed handkerchiefs for everyone in your wedding party. Don't forget your best man, ushers, groomsmen and mother of the bride.


All handkerchiefs are customized and Molly and Mom will work with you on your perfect design. Before embroidering Molly and Mom will email you a photo of your design for your approval.

Mother of Bride and Groom Handkerchief

I felt so involved throughout the process. I am having pink roses at my wedding, and they embroidered a beautiful pink rose. The embroidering is perfect and you will also receive a snap shot of the finished handkerchief on the day your gift is sent out. Molly and Mom's goal is to always exceed your expectations. They have greatly exceeded mine...Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the review. I might have to buy that MOB and MOG set.

  2. Wow- these are great. This is a great gift idea.

  3. This is so nice for all the men in your party- I love how they are monogrammed. I would also love to get one for my father- that is going to make his day.

  4. Great review- This is so unique- love the idea. I think I will get one for my mom and dad for my wedding.

  5. I just took a look at her wonderful site- I love handkerchiefs- great gift idea.I wish I got one for my mother for mothers day.