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Friday, November 20, 2009

I Love You, Beth Cooper Review

All I can say about I Love You, Beth Cooper is I would not waste your time. The movie lost my attention after the first half hour. Typical nerdy senior Denis has a secret crush on the head cheerleader Beth Cooper. During his valedictorian speech he announces "I Love You, Beth Cooper". Beth then takes him on a wild ride where they learn more about each other. Beth Cooper turns out to be very different than Denis imagined.

In high school I remember having a huge crush on the school hottie only to find out that he was nothing like I imagined either. Have you experienced this situation?

Stick to the book L.A. Candy- check out my review here.....Enjoy!


  1. My daughter say this movie and told me the same thing.I love your reviews though.

  2. Movie was BAD- I only watched the first half.

  3. My teenage daughter saw reviews for this movie and thought it looked stupid ;)