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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday's Wedding Tip #22

Wedding Tip Day..YEA!!!

Wedding Tip #22- Make sure you plan your facial and waxing a few days ahead of your wedding. You also need to make sure you have a trial a month or two before. If you never had your eyebrows waxed( trust me there are people that haven't), you wont know how your face will react. You might be red for a few hours or even days. Same goes for facials. I got facials every month prior to my wedding with the last one the week before my wedding. I would love to hear your beauty wedding tips.

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  1. So far I haven't started any beauty special routine. But guess I need to start working on that soon...(wedding one year ahead).
    Thanks for tips.


  2. Trials for everything is so important. Also make sure you go to the same person for your wax trials and week of. You need to have a comfortable relationship and its good for them to know your skin.

  3. I enjoy facials- but you need to ber very careful as you can breakout. For my wedding I had my facial 2 weekends before and my skin was fresh and clean. Having the right makeup artist is just as importanat.

  4. Facials hurt my skin. I am better off exfoliating myself once a week and I make sure to always wash my face in the morning and at night. Wedding day skin needs to be flawless, so it is very important to get on a routine. love you blog.