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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dinner for 2 under $3

Remember last week the Meat Deal I scored from Publix- Buy One Get TWO FREE? Read all about it here. Well last night we cooked one package of the Pork Steak. Remember I got 3 packages for only $2.83 ($0.94/package). Well my husband marinated the pork steak in Mojo sauce for about 2 hours. Then he grilled it up. We also made sweet potatoes- which are on sale this week at Publix for only $0.29/lb. He cooked them on the grill as well and I loved how they came out. Have you ever grilled your sweet potatoes? I also made a bag of Bird's Eye broccoli(About $1 since it was 50% off this week at Publix as well). We were both so impressed with the Pork Steak. Last night's dinner cost us under $3 and it was AMAZING. I wish I took a picture- next time we make the pork steak I will be sure to snap a shot...Enjoy!

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