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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Movies: To Rent or Not to Rent

Welcome back to my Saturday movie reviews. I know its been a while, but there are some great movies coming out on DVD, and since most of the TV shows are repeats for the summer, movies are the way to go.

Of course, I won't pay to see a movie though. There are many ways to see movies for FREE. My favorite is the library. For all my new readers, read this to see how to score all the latest movies at your local library right when they come out on DVD. Since I have been away, I haven't had any movies on my list since I did not want to take movies away from other library goers in my neighborhood.

Last night, my husband and I rented Avatar in Blu-ray. My local library does not offer Blu-Ray discs, so we actually had to figure out a way to see this movie. Well, we headed to Walmart to use the Redbox. Our Walmart has the kiosk in front of the store. There are many FREE Redbox DVD rental promo codes out there.

When planning to use these free Redbox promo codes, keep in mind that not all Redbox codes work all the time or at all Redbox locations.

Here are a few of the latest codes:


These codes are good for one FREE night rental. Here is how to redeem:

1. Select "Rent with a Promo Code". You will find this option on the opening touch screen. Enter your promo code.

2. Select your movie. New releases are added every Tuesday!

3. Complete your transaction. You'll need to enter a credit card to check out, but you will not be charged unless you do not return your movie by 9:00 p.m. the following evening.

4. Return your movie to any Redbox location. Double check the time on your machine for when the movie is due back to avoid additional charges.

The best part about these codes is that you can use different credit cards for each transaction. For example, I used the code "DVDONME" with my credit card last night. Next time we go, my husband can use the same promo code using his credit card.

Now, you must be wondering what I thought about Avatar. Well, it was really good. I never understood what people were talking about when they discussed the movie until now. By now I am sure most of you have seen this movie. An Avatar is a human mind in an alien body. Once you understand that concept, you should really enjoy the movie. The imagery is AMAZING. A must rent if you have not seen this Oscar winning movie yet. Enjoy!!


  1. o, we loved Avatar. Glad you finally got to see it.

  2. Thanks for the codes- I'm going to get a movie tonight.

  3. We rented Avatar last night. Thanks for the codes, my husband was very pleased to get a Blu Ray for FREE.

  4. I didnt like Avatar. Too long for me. Thanks for the movie codes =)