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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Christian Louboutin wedding shoes

At one of the weddings I was in, my dear friend, the bride, had to have Christian Louboutin shoes to match her wedding colors. My jaw dropped when I heard this. Of course the shoes were cute, but seriously. Her shoes cost $1300. Yep- hence my jaw dropping. I couldn't spend that much on shoes if you paid me to. I would need to look for a bargain and they would have to be VERY practical for me to spend over a few hundred for a pair of shoes.

If you aren't familiar with these expensive shoes, look for the red soles- that is how you can spot Christian Louboutin. Would you ever splurge for Christian Louboutin?

I'll be back to my blogging self tomorrow with Money Saving Tips..Enjoy!


  1. I have seen them, but no way would I spend my hard earned money on shoes.

  2. I almost bought a pair for around $500 for my 30th birthday bash, but I just couldn't spend that without feeling guilty.

  3. No. I wouldn't. I didn't pay that much for my dress. And shoes are so not a priority for me. I feel like someone's going to revoke my "girl" license for admitting that, but I have such weird feet (size 5 wide) that I'm used to making do with whatever will fit to be picky about how they look. Plus I always thought the nice thing about a wedding gown is it covers your feet! The trend of hanging the brides shoes on a tree branch or looping the ring around the heel for a photo op is not a trend that I'm on board with. My goal is to find a comfy metallic wedge heel that will make me look a little taller, but that won't sink into the ground for an outdoor ceremony. And to pay less than $50.

  4. Lol no way Jose! I would never...never spend that much on shoes. Ever. I bought my wedding shoes for $25 at a flea market and they are exactly what I wanted. =) What is so great about designer shoes anyway? I guess I have never had any...but I don't see what would be so wonderful about them. Just seems like a status symbol to me.

  5. I guess I am the only one who would say yes. But only if I somehow got an incredible deal on them (if that is even possible). And they must be perfection ...

  6. Sadly, no I would never splurge for them. I would rather spend the money on traveling :)

  7. I could NEVER spend that much for shoes. No matter if I was able to wear them everyday.

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