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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Movie Review: To Rent or Not to Rent

Yesterday I was in a rush at the library picking up my book and movie on hold. I picked up Letters to Juliet and after dinner was planning on watching it. I went to open the case and OHH NOOO. It was locked. I totally forgot to unlock the movie when I checked out. My library has self-checkouts and they have a magnetic movie lock next to the checkout. I actually forgot once before, but I got to the car and my husband noticed last time. This time it was just me. The library was already closed, so now we didn't have a movie to watch last night and I really wanted to see Letters to Juliet.I am going to swing by the library later today and get the movie unlocked. Has this ever happened to you?

On a happier note, I also picked up my book on hold. You must be wondering what book I had on hold for the last month. Sophie Kinsella's new book is Mini Shopaholic. I have read all of Sophie Kinsella's books. I haven't started it yet, but will give my full review once I am done. Has anyone read it yet?? I can't wait.

I would love if you shared your latest library adventures...Enjoy!


  1. Thatk totally sucks. Our library doesnt have self checout, but i do always try to double check that the cases are unlocked.

  2. Oh no! I just watched Letters from my own library - definitely worth getting unlocked!

  3. I have done that before. If you have a really strong magnet you should be able to unlock yourself. Hopefully you got back to the library.

    I haven't read the Mini Shopaholic yet, but its on my list.

  4. Oh my goodness I didn't know there was a new Shopaholic book! I better go put it on hold... =)