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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stockpiling Sunday

Today's Stockpiling Sunday is how to score very cheap holiday supplies and candy. With Halloween over in a few hours, the markdowns are going to begin. You will soon see candy and decorations at 50%-75% and even 90% by the end of the week at some stores.

I'll first discuss candy. Candy can be used for many reasons and there are many types of candy. For example, if there is a particular candy you love, you can now stock up on your favorites for a fraction of the cost. Candy lasts a while as well.

If you are planning to have a candy bar at your wedding- you are Golden. This is the time to score all your goodies. You can also buy candy for your engagement party and shower.

Now for decorations. You can stockpile Halloween decorations for your home for next year. I have a closet full of Halloween and other Holiday decorations that I pull out every year. I add to my collection when I find VERY affordable decorations. Sometimes, you will find "Fall" decorations, so you can use it all season around your home.

Good luck finding your deals and stockpiling..Enjoy!


  1. CVS had some items already 25% off today.


  2. we are having a candy bar for our March wedding, I think I should be able to stock up now. Ill check the dates on the packages. great tip.

  3. I wanted to stockpile some candy because my husband and I love almond Joy...but none of the stores had any left!!!