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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Duck Fest Derby- So much fun

This is where I spent my Saturday. Looks like fun- right- well it was a blast. Duck Fest Derby is a charity event where thousands of rubber ducks race down the river. Ducks were available to be 'adopted' for $5 each. I bought a quack pack( 5 ducks for $20- see I am always finding ways to save money). The proud 'adoptive' parent of the first duck to cross the finish line won a new 2009 Scion. There were also runner-up prizes. My duck did not win (you really do not know which duck is yours- they have numbers on the bottom), but it was a great way to spend my day. I know they do Duck Fest Derby all over the world- so next time you see it in your town, make sure you check it out. Enjoy!


  1. That does sound like a wonderful day to spend the day and to take some fun pictures. Sorry you didn't win.