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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wedding Dresses- It is your dress, your day, you decide

Now on to one of my favorite parts about getting married- trying on wedding dresses. Here's a couple from the Melissa Sweet Fall 2009 collection:
Check out all the cute dresses here on Brides.com. Most of these dresses are out of my price range, so I went to check out the dresses at David's Bridal, which were very reasonable.
This one is on sale for $249.99- WOW!

And how about this one for under $450. Check them both out here.There are many little wedding dress shops around, so do not settle until you find your PERFECT dress. When you think you have found THE DRESS, ask if the store can hold it for a few days and then come back with your Mother or Maid of Honor and make sure you still are in LOVE with the dress you chose. If you still love it- then you know you have found your dress.

All dresses will need some alterations- so talk to the seamstress and let them know your vision. Make sure to get a written estimate for your alterations. You will need to go in for a few fittings, usually at least three times. Hope this helps on your dress hunting adventures.

Always remember if you have a close friend or family member that will let you borrow their dress- you can save some money and have your "Something Borrowed" at the same time!!

What about your headpiece and veil? We will save that for another day...Enjoy!

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