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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Little Something "Blue" Wedding Garter

True Blue Bridal sent me this wedding garter and it is absolutely adorable. The picture below does not do it justice. This garter is very elegant, made with chiffon and satin. The aqua crystal complements the garter quite well and serves as my "something blue".

Aqua crystal used in wedding garter.

Quality is important to me. I often worry about the quality of products I order online. Experience has taught me that online ordering is much like gambling. However, True Blue Bridal is no gamble, it's a sure thing. When I opened the cute little BLUE box, I could tell right away this garter is of absolute quality.

The garter is beautifully detailed with two bows and pearl beads where the aqua crystal is attached. There is a satin bow over the chiffon bow. The garter came with a coordinating tossing garter. I LOVE IT!

The traditional garter toss is meant to bring good luck to the man who catches it. The tossing garter is a satin garter with a bow and has some small pearl beads. It is just as adorable. I never knew about a coordinating tossing garter until now! It allows you to have a garter to toss and a garter to keep. I felt very sexy putting this garter on, I can't wait to wear it at my wedding!

This garter comes in many different sizes for the perfect fit on your perfect day. The size I ordered was just right! True Blue Bridal can help you find your perfect wedding garter, as they have something for everyone. Check out the fabulous website of True Blue Bridal here.

If you haven't done so already, remember to check out the list of the 50 Proven Ways to Save Money on your Wedding here from True Blue Bridal. Enjoy!

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