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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pollo Tropical Taste Testing

I had a great lunch today. Here's what happened....

I walked into Pollo Tropical for lunch with some co-workers and there was a taste test going on. The taste test company asked us if we would like to test a new product. The product was "Spicy Chicken". We said sure!!

We each got a 1/4 spicy chicken to try and a questionnaire. There was about 20 questions about the product value and taste. We all enjoyed it, the chicken was spicy though- so if you LOVE spicy, you would love it.

When we finished, the survey company gave us each $5 coupons to Pollo Tropical to use ANYTIME.

We all headed back to work very happy with our FREE lunch and FREE lunch($5) coupon for next time.

We didn't know Pollo Tropical was having this taste testing today, we just got lucky. What a great day...Have you seen this around your town? Enjoy!


  1. wish they did it by me..very cool!

  2. yea- awesome!! I love Pollo and would love their spicy chicken.