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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wedding Gifts on a Budget

I have received many emails about how to give a great wedding gift on a budget. These days the economy is not getting much better and a typical wedding gift has been increasing in value. Here are some ideas on great wedding gifts that won't brake the bank.

1- Make a scrapbook for the couple of their courtship. This takes some planning and time, but it is a wonderful gift and the Bride and Groom will cherish it over the years. You can buy supplies at Michael's ( as there are usually 40% off coupons), Target (they usually have great $1 scrapbook pages in the $1 Spot section) and also Kohl's (I have picked up scrapbooks for under $10 in the clearance section). You can also make scrapbook pages on the computer from Walgreens. Organize pictures over the years of the couple and even put in some pictures of you with the happy couple. You can do pages from their early years, months of dating, engagement party, bridal shower and even some bachelor/bachelorette pictures.

2- Take their wedding invitation and get it framed. You can frame it many different ways. You can even put picture around it or flowers.

3- Make a date night basket. You can buy a cute basket( $1 store or even Target), buy some wine glasses, get a bottle (or a few for over the years) of wine and some candles.

4- Honeymoon Basket- You can fill the basket with towels, bride/groom flip-flops, disposable cameras, candles ($1 store) and any other items for the couple to use on their honeymoon. There are honeymoon baskets sold on-line for over $50. You can make your own for under $20 and the bride/groom will be so happy it was personally made by you.

5- If you are on a really tight budget, you can make a coupon book for the happy newlyweds. The coupon book can have coupons like " I will cook you dinner- anything your heart desires", "Free babysitter" (if the couple has kids) or even " Movie and popcorn night at my house".

I would love to hear any other ideas..Enjoy!


  1. I love your ideas. I have to make a gift for my close college friend, and I love your date night basket idea!!!

  2. I love the scrapbook idea- so great and I cant afford much more and I am very creative. Thanks for the idea

  3. I made my friend an invitation frame and she loved it!!

  4. you can also make a video or like the kodak dvd with pictures.

    I also helped my friend do much of the planning for her wedding b/c I knew I couldnt afford a big gift.

  5. i like your scrapbook idea- these days I spend so much going to my friends weddings.

  6. I highly recommend CANDLES as a frugal,yet very romantic wedding gift. They go on sale often, but even at full price, you can get some nice candles (and/or candle holders).