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Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Target Deals

I just had a GREAT Target trip...Here is what I scored:2 Archer Farms Bakery products ( the rice krispy candy treats- Yummy) $.99 each - 2 $1 off Target Bakery product= $0 ( coupon takes off $99 automatically- no beeping)

2 Dannon Activia= $2 - $1 from Sunday paper= $1 each

2 Kraft Philly Cream cheese= $1.19 - $1 from new Publix coupon booklet = $0.19 each

Up & Up Wipes= $1.29 - $1 Target Up & Up coupon= $0.29

Hot Coupon World has a great coupon generator so you can print all your Target coupons at once.

And now for the best deal from Target: 3-lb bag of Red Delicious Apples for $0.99!!!
Here is how I scored this deal: Currently the 3-lb Market Pantry Apples below are $3.99. Publix has Red Delicious Apples this week on sale for $1.99 for a 3-lb bag. I just happened to have the ad in my purse and noticed the price as I was walking by the apple section. Target has a policy where they price match with local competitors(You must have the ad with you). I went to customer service and had no problems. Cost was $1.99 - $1 Target coupon off 2lbs or more bulk apples= $0.99!!!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I havent seen apples that cheap. I dont have a super target near by, and our regular target doesnt sell fruit. You did great.

  2. nice job and thats for explaining your deal so well. I hate when other blogs dont give you all the details. Your awesome.

  3. doesnt price matching policy is have to match the brand too?Market pantry is a target exclusive and publix doesnt carry it.I think you were really lucky they didnt caught that one but I dont think many people would have luck trying that.

  4. They are both delicious red apples and publix doesnt say exactly what brand so I think it would work. The closest super target is about 20 minutes away, I'll probably try it out.

  5. I have just started shopping at Target for great deals. Thanks for sharing.