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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday's Wedding Tip #21

Happy Thursday and I wanted to continue wedding tip # 21 on Tipping. If you missed last week's wedding tip- check it out here.

There are some wedding vendors who you will be expected to tip and there are others who while not expecting a tip would greatly appreciate it. Below are some tipping guidelines which suggest amounts each service provider should be tipped according to wedding etiquette:

Hairstylist, Makeup Artist, Beautician - You should expect to tip these service providers just as you would on a normal visit to a salon. Usually between 15-20%.

Transportation Drivers - Usually a tip is included in your contract (read the fine print), but if not 10-15% would be normal.

Valets - Tips are based by per person or per car. The Country Club we used, had us pay $1 per person. We did not want our guest to tip, and the valets were told not to accept tips( I am sure they still did if a guest gave them, but it is customary for the host to pay).

Band- It is customary to tip $15-$20 per band member. You can give this to the main band leader at the end of the night.

Florists and other delivery services(i.e Cake bakery)- An extra tip is not necessary as there is usually a service fee built in to the price.

Wait Staff (All your servers)- Their tip is usually in your contract price already. I would be shocked if it wasn't already included, usually 20%.

Bartenders - This is usually part of the contract as well, with the wait staff.

Wedding Planner - In my opinion, you really do not need to hire a wedding planner, not to mention their fees are CRAZY Expensive. They usually get anywhere from 10-15% of your total cost.

It is best to assign a member of your family to be the one to handle tips at the end of the night. Set up your tip envelopes prior to the wedding and label them so it is easy to give out that night. Enjoy!


  1. great post- I agree no wedding planner is needed. Most places have one for free.

  2. I had a DJ and he included a 15% service charge- aka tip..no extra tip from me.