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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guess What I Spent and Saved Giveaway

I had an amazing Publix shop today and saved sooo much and really stocked up. I am having another giveaway this week: Check out the picture to see everything I bought!!

Same rules as last weeks giveaway:
Please leave a comment telling me how much you think I spent and how much you think I saved.

The first person to guess within $2 how much I spent will get an assortment of coupons worth over $10.

The first person to guess within $2 how much I saved will get an assortment of coupons worth over $25.

If you guess both correctly you win all the coupons. I will post my receipt after to show my totals..Enjoy!


  1. awesome game..I will guess you spent $50 and saved $100.

  2. spent $30, saved $80. My Publix shop looks almost like yours - I stocked up on all the BOGO FREEs.

  3. Ill guess spent $25 and saved $90

  4. Beth- you guessed what I saved correctly within $2. I saved $90.83. Please email me your address.

  5. Since I am home tonight- DH out of town, I am in giveaway mode- I will guess you spent $27. Happy Almost Valentine's Day.

  6. I think you spent $19 and saved over $54

  7. Ill guess you spent $27.27. Cant believe noone guessed correctly yet- any hints?