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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday's Wedding Tip #33

Happy Thursday and Wedding Tip Day. Tip # 33- How to Find your Dream Dress at your Dream Price.

Let me first start by saying, yes, you can find a wedding dress under $1000, even under $500!! You want to feel comfortable and amazing in your dress, but remember you only wear it ONCE.

I would first suggest looking through bridal magazines to find the style you like, don't even look at prices. There are thousand of wedding dresses, probably even millions, but when you get down to it- a design is a design. Once you start marking your magazines, you should start to notice a pattern…A-line, mermaid, strapless…you get the point. Of course you can get a custom dress made, but remember your budget.

Now, once you have your pictures from your magazines, head on into some designer wedding boutiques. They will show you dress after dress, and tell you not to look at the price. I agree- figure out what fits your body. Trust me, a few dress designs that look wonderful in your pictures will not look so hot on you. Everyone has different bodies and features you want to accent. After you decide on what suits you, head on into the more affordable wedding stores- like David's Bridal, Alfredo Angelo, etc. I personally like David's Bridal. They have a wonderful variety at affordable prices. The hardest part about shopping and buying at these "chain" stores is getting someone to help you. Once you get a good one, remember their name and you should be all set. The first time I walked into David's, I was a little overwhelmed and did not get a lot of help. My mother and I left thinking, it is way too busy in there (granted we went on a Saturday), but I did try on a few dresses that I ranked high on my list. We checked out a few other stores in the area and a few weeks later ended back at David's Bridal. This time we had an appointment and went during the week. What a difference it made, we had tons of help with the dresses and I instantly found my wedding dress. David's Bridal does have sales throughout the year( which I do post links about), so we waited a few more weeks and then ordered my PERFECT dress at a very great price.

The best tip I will tell you is- Alterations are VERY Expensive and you will 99% need alterations. You will also need to buy certain under garments to make your dress fit properly. Make sure you budget for these as well.

The proper wedding dress fit is the most important part of your dress. If you spend your whole budget on your dress and don't get the proper alterations, your guests will notice and you will notice in your wedding pictures. Be a smart shopper and go with your gut, Your Dream Dress is out there..Enjoy!


  1. totally agree with alterations. My alterations were $400. Then another $100 for my under garments.

  2. Yea, I screwed up by not budgeting correctly for undergarments. I only budgeted $50 and I ended up spending $100.