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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Save the Date or Not Save the Date

I get asked a lot from brides if Save the Dates are necessary. Save the Dates are a great way to get your friends and family ready for your wedding.

Here are my favorite questions:
1. Do you need to send STD's to everyone you are inviting?
- It is totally up to you. You should mail them to friends and family that would be traveling for your wedding. Your co-worker really doesn't need to get your STD in her mailbox. Limiting how many you send will help save you on cost as well.

2. How far in advance do you send Save the Dates?
-It all depends on how long of an engagement you are planning. Typically, at least 5 months in advance. This will give enough time for loved ones to book their travel. If you are planning a long engagement, feel free to send your STD's well ahead of that- this will give people more than enough time to take off work and maybe even make your wedding a mini-vacation.

3. What if I am not sure of my guest list, can I still send out my Save the Dates to the people I am definitely inviting?
-I hear this ALL THE TIME. One problem with this, what happens if one friend ends up at another friends house and sees your Save the Date (and your other friend didn't get one). This can cause some really big problems that you just don't need to deal with.

4. Did you send Save the Dates and what is the most common type?
-I did not send STD's. We had a long engagement and at our engagement party we told everyone our wedding date. We had a wedding website as well and shared it with friends and family. Personally, I think wedding photo magnets are the cutest, but most fridges these days aren't magnetized. I like how many couples use the same wedding theme starting with their Save the Dates (then with their invitation, programs and place cards).

Last bit of advice I will give is :DO NOT send a Save the Date to anyone who will not be receiving a wedding invitation. You might think this is obvious, but make sure you can accommodate all the people you send out STD's. Don't book a room for 100 people and send out 150 Save the Dates. Enjoy!


  1. we opted to not do them either due to the cost. Between printing and postage. Thats what email is for these days. I am still deciding on invitation scheme.

  2. we did magnets for our STD's. We just got married in March and ppl loved them. We stuck with the same theme for the magnets as our invitations as well. So glad we sent them as I think it really helped our friends plan their trip.

  3. I love magnet STDs, but we decided not to do them based on cost and the fact that almost everyone coming to the wedding is local. I have some family traveling, but I have made everyone well aware of our date. I think it's a cute, fun idea as long as you aren't on a tight budget.

  4. we didnt do STDs, but wish we did. As the wedding got closer, so many family members would keep asking me our date. STD would have saved a lot of questions.

  5. I am not sending save the days... they start to cost a lot when you have too print them and postage... postage wow that can get a lot depending on the size or shape of your save the days... I figured everyone will know I am engaged and getting married though email , word of mouth and now a days social networks like facebook