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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Top 10 Trends for your 2010 Wedding

Here are the Top 10 Trends for 2010 from getmarried.com

. Visual Combinations- They can shoot video and take stills all with the same equipment- Awesome!

9. HD Video
- HD is the new era!

8. Video Integration into Events
- "We’ve all seen the photo montages of your childhoods during dinner but the next phase in video at your event comes in several different forms. Video DJ’s are immerging, allowing your dance party to dance to the visuals of the music videos; ceremonies are being broadcast on screens for better viewing from the back; and time lapse photography is being shot and integrated into video for current day montages of you and your fiancĂ©. Love to party? Set up crane camera and project the event as it unfolds on screens around the dance floor (budget permitting of course). " Awesome- never heard about Video DJ's before!

7. Greener Conscience
- Eco- friendly.

6. Colors
- Black is back!

5. Nearby Destinations
- I think this is important, as the economy is hurting, it gets pricey to attend destination weddings. You need to consider all your guests!

4. Favor Comeback
- Everyone loves getting something in return!

3. Buttercream on the Big Day
- I am a big fan of buttercream already- I am ahead of the trend =)

2. Home Weddings Hit Home
- Smaller size weddings, this will save you some money as well!

1. Back to Basics -
Invest more in Video, than on flowers. I agree!



  1. I just got engaged and i will be a 2010 Bride- YES!! Love the tips.


  2. My sister is getting married soon and I will pass along the tips.

  3. I'm already married, but it's nice to stay informed of the new trends:)