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Monday, March 2, 2009

Wedding Band Engravings

I have been shopping for my wedding band- as I still can't seem to find exactly what I want. My fiance's band was easy. He tried a few on and made his decision. One thing I have noticed is how many couples get their wedding bands engraved with a special message. Messages can be romantic, cheesy, traditional or even humorous.

Here are a few suggestions we have seen:

Eternally yours
Today, Tomorrow, Forever
Let's Grow Old Together
"Booboo" and "Yogi"
Best Friends
Her's would say: "Give me a thousand kisses" and his would say "and then a thousand more"
Her's would say: (Groom's name) property (wedding date) and do the opposite for his!

I think I like the simple wedding dates- but now I have even more to think about if I want to engrave them. Any suggestions?? Enjoy!


  1. We didn't have ours engraved but I kind of wish we had. You could do a special phrase or word that has meant something to you throughout your relationship.

  2. How about on his "Put it back on!" LOL