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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wedding Thank You Notes

For every occasion it is appropriate to send a personal thank you note. Thanking someone in person is still great, but should be followed up with a thank you note as well. From engagement gifts to bridal shower presents and of course wedding gifts- a separate thank you note should be sent for each. Also remember to always send thank you notes to friends and relatives who arrange your parties.

Engagement and Bridal Shower Thank You's should be sent within 10 days of receiving a gift. If you receive a wedding gift in advance of the wedding, you should send the Thank You within a few days. Wedding Thank You's should be sent within two weeks after returning from your honeymoon.

Here are a couple of MUST when it comes to sending Thank You's!

-Make sure to address the gift sender: ex. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Do not just start writing Thank you for your gift.

-Never use Pre-Printed Thank You's. There is nothing better than a handwritten personalized note.

-Let your guest know how much you appreciated the gift and how it will be cherished for years to come.

-Remember to say: "We love the beautiful", not "I Love". You are a couple now and there will not be much use for I-exception would be for bridal shower gifts.

-Using a Dark Blue or Black pen is best and makes it easily readable.

You can make writing Thank You's fun by listening to wedding songs while you write. Hopefully you and your fiancee can each share in the fun. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the advice- I like the "we" not "I" part!! =)

  2. Great tips! I write personal thank-you notes for everything and I love it! I can't wait to be able to write them for wedding related gifts.

  3. I had that "we" issue with our thank you notes for the e-party, kept writing "I". lol! Great tips!

  4. Love the post, I absolutely despise pre-printed thank you notes. Why do people think it is okay to send a picture of them with "Thanks for the gift" on it? Do you even know what I got you? I always write handwritten for everything!