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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BJ's Wholesale Club: FREE 60 Day Shopping Pass

Have you ever been to BJ's? It is a wholesale club that accepts COUPONS. You can print this coupon for a free 60-day Shopping Pass!

You need to activate the coupon in store by 7/6/09 to receive full Member benefits for a minimum of 60 days. Check out the details here.

I have never been to BJ's- but plan to stop by one not too far from me later in the month. We personally use Costco, but they do NOT accept coupons. Find a BJ's near you. Enjoy!


  1. I wish we had a BJs. I think it's awesome that they take coupons. I wish Sams would follow suite.

  2. I have shopped BJ's for years- they are usually good about coupons.Some cashiers are super strict and look at every detail on size.

  3. I stopped in Bj's today- it was different than I expected. I think I like Costco better. They did take my coupons- but I didnt find that many name brands that had coupon match ups. I bought Potsticker and had a $1 off coupon and then some snacks with another $2 off. They try to offer you the membership for a discounted rate- I'll try my FREE trial out for the next 2 months!