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Sunday, April 5, 2009

T.G.I. Fridays 1 Cent Appetizer & $1 Entree UPDATE

Has everyone signed up by now for the FRIDAYS Give Me More Stripes Reward Program. Well I hope your answer is YES. I have gone 3 times now and I am IN LOVE with all the appetizers. Look how empty the bar area was today! My fiancee and I went for lunch today and we were the only people at the Bar area. The $0.01 Appetizer deal works at the high top bar tables as well. We each bought a drink and were able to use 2 $0.01 appetizer coupons. We got 2 drinks and the Buffalo Wings and Nachos all for $5.74 (our subtotal was $22.77 before coupons). What a deal. Who can beat that, and since we were the only customers our waiter had- we got tip top service. The coupon is good through 4/30/09, so you still have time to score this great deal. The waiter told us not to keep printing the coupon, as you can use the same coupon over and over (since the coupon says "per visit").I would love to hear if you used your coupons yet. Enjoy!


  1. I used my coupon twice- and the last time we went we were 4 people and all had coupons. It was great. I wish they had this deal all year long. It brings in business.

  2. My husband and I went Friday night after work- very busy. We sat at the bar and cost us under $10 with tip for both of us. Thanks so letting me know about the deal- I signed up right after.

  3. I used my coupons over and over also. The waiter told us we could come everyday if we wanted. I love the Sliders!!