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Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Mall Trip

I know many of you went to the mall yesterday for all the great deals. Here is what I got:
Our first stop was New York & Co.: I went with my fiancee, so I was able to use two $15 off coupons.

1)I got this gorgeous Blue Scarf, it was $16.95- $15= $1.95 + tax.

2) White flip flops (which I have been looking for to wear with my wedding dress while dancing), and two pairs of earrings= $15.75-$15= $.075 + tax.

Our next stop was Victoria's Secret: I got my two FREE natural mini body lotions. Also, in the mail yesterday I got a coupon for a FREE signature underwear and $10 off any purchase. So I got a pair of underwear and a $10 body butter. I didn't pay anything!!!

Everything in the picture above cost me about $3!!!! I hope you all did as well. Enjoy!