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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm on Vacation...

I will be heading down to the Key's this week...so don't miss me too much.

My husband and I and 3 other couples are going down for some nice R &R....

The Key's are a very popular place to get married. If you have never been down to the Southern Most point of Florida, you haven't been to Key West.

I found a neat wedding site that does Weddings in the Key's...Take a look if you are considering a destination wedding, there are many Key's to choose from..

Hopefully I will see a wedding or two while I am down there...

I'll be back to blogging next week...Enjoy the rest of your week and don't forget to enter Giveaway #4- $50 Darden Restaurant Gift Card and the BONUS Giveaway here...Enjoy!

P.S.- If you missed last night's Bachelor Pad- Michelle and Juan went home!


  1. Have fun in the keys, never been, but would like to take a trip down. Maybe one winter to get away from the snow.


  2. we love the keys, we actually had a place down there 5 years ago. Havent been back in the past year. Have fun and Key West is the place to go out at nights- Duval Street